Our Philosophy   


I started TecHouse as a result of my experience in helping my grandparents with their technology. For example, my grandfather would always write down his passwords in a small notebook that was bound to get lost. I helped him install a password manager app onto his tablet to solve this issue. I realized that other people were probably in similar situations, but lacked the guidance. As someone who has grown up with technology surrounding me, I wanted to help those who weren't as accustomed to using it. Instead of charging high rates for tech support, I decided to help my customers for free. The community service aspect really motivated me to start this service, using the knowledge that I already have to assist others.

- Founder, Arjun Mody

Our Service


Our service does not include the physical repair of any device. This means that we cannot do screen repairs, water damage fixes, or any other process may possibly harm your electronics. If you have any questions, email contact.techouse@gmail.com. 

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